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The XT4700 is one of the most advanced ellipticals available, known to provide users with optimal performance to drive valuable results. With exclusive Octane breakthroughs like SmartStride® technology—an interactive ergonomic analyzer and automatic adjuster—the Octane XT4700 guarantees ideal workout conditions that can help users go the extra mile.

Every aspect of the XT4700 elliptical is designed with the user in mind. The machine’s advanced biomechanics enhance workout efficiency, the converging path handlebars expand users’ motion range, and the selection of workout program settings boost and customize workouts. Whether your clients are just starting their fitness journey or are seasoned athletes, the XT4700 standing elliptical is perfect for anyone looking for an effective and comfortable cardio workout experience.

  • Exclusive SmartStride ergonomics
  • Advanced biomechanics
  • Space Efficient Design
  • MultiGrip and Converging Path handlebars
  • Advanced Programs & Workout Boosters

Octane Xt4700 Elliptical With Adjustable Stride Pre-Owned

PriceFrom $2,400.00
  • 10 Day return policy, does not include shipping/installation costs. Refund issued when equimpent is received

  • Shipping available anywhere in the contiguous United States

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